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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Ye writer log yaa to baDe sanki hote hain, yaa baDe romantic ho jaate hain

 Film: Khamoshi

Year of release: 1969

Spoken by: Dr Colonel Saab (Nazir Hussain)

Spoken to: Nurse Radha (Waheeda Rehman)

Dialogue writer: Gulzar

This film was based on a Bangla short story called Nurse Mitra. It was a remake of Asit Sen's 1959 Bangla film Deep Jwele Jaaye. Suchitra Sen played the nurse in that. Savitri reprised that role in the Telugu remake Chivaraku MigilEdi (1960). Although Aradhana takes credit for having made Kishore the voice of Rajesh Khanna, Hemant Kumar revealed in an interview that Khamoshi should get that honour. The film was almost 3 years in the making, hence it released after Aradhana. What a lovely song that was! Woh shaam kuchh ajeeb thi. 

Nazir Hussain plays the head of the National Psychoanalytical Clinic in this film. He uses the affection of nurse Radha to cure patients suffering from acute mania. It works wonders with the patient Dev (Dharmendra). So he takes on another such patient Arun (Rajesh Khanna). While introducing the case history of Arun to Nurse Radha, Dr Saab says that Arun's case is quite similar to Dev's, but a key difference was that Arun was quite fond of writing plays, novels and poems. He quips that because of that, Nurse Radha should be careful with him. 

"Ye writer log yaa to baDe sanki hote hain, yaa baDe romantic ho jaate hain"

"ये राइटर लोग या तो बड़े सनकी होते हैं, या बड़े रोमांटिक हो जाते हैं" 

Gulzar taking pot shots at himself! 

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