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Friday, February 8, 2008

The first post - Main aaj bhee phenke huye paise naheeN uThaataa

Well time to get cracking with the posts. Here goes the first installment

"Main aaj bhee phenke huye paise naheeN uThaataa"
"में आज भी फेंके हुए पैसे नहीं उठाता"

Film: Deewar
Year of release : 1975
Spoken by : Vijay Verma (Amitabh Bachchan)
Spoken to: Mulkraj Dawar (Iftekhar)
Dialogue writer : Salim Javed

What this line literally means is - I still do not pick up money that is thrown at me". The background is that the character Vijay worked as a shoeshine boy outside the race course as a kid. One of the patrons of the race course was a local smuggler - Mulk raj Dawar. He used to stop by to get his shoes shined. One such day when his associate tosses a fifty paisa coin at the shoeshine boy after getting his shoes shined; the boy refuses to pick up the coin and insists that the money be handed over to him in a more respectful manner. (Saab, ham booT polish kartaa hai, koi bhiikh nahii.n maangtaa. paise uThaa kar haath me.n do) Years later, when Vijay first starts working with Dawar, he offers him some money as a sort of sign-on bonus. He tosses the wad of notes onto a table. Vijay retorts with the line which is featured here.

The proverbial value of this is that it can be used in any situation - whether in corporate world or as a freelancer - when the payment is made in a manner not consonant with the dignity that ought to be accorded to the service rendered. Of course, it might have to be amended slightly as
"Main phenke huye paise naheeN uThaataa"
"में फेंके हुए पैसे नहीं उठाता"
The movie Deewaar contains many such lines and I will feature them in future editions of this blog. Watch this space for more.


  1. interesting blog.. well done buddy.. my favourite is 'jinkey ghar sheeshay kay hotey hain woh doosron kay gharon per patther nehi phenktey hain'.. and i feel this is quite meaningful in the era we are living in.. isn't it..!!! .. but i am not sure which movie this is from..???

  2. Thanks mate.

    This is ofcourse Raaj kumar's famous line from one of the earliest multistarrers and the progenitor of lost and found movies - waqt.

  3. very interesting and very unique collection ravi "लम्बी रेस का घोड़ा है ....". [और "जानी ये चाकू है ...."] Bhavani's [Shiva] quoted dialog - when I saw the movie long ago - had reminded me of two other dialogs - first "when you want to shoot, shoot don't talk " from "good bad and ugly" and second Amrish Puri's "जगावर को जगाना नहीं.." among drum beats in "Vidhata"
    - i am sure you have seen both
    rgds - manish

  4. 2 corrections here :
    1. While the young Vijay works as a shoeshine boy, Mulkraj Dawar (Iftekar) does not throw the coin at him. Dawar's partner Jaichand (Sudhir) throws the coin at Vijay. Rather, Dawar tells Jaichand to place the coin in Vijay's hand, when Vijay retaliates at Jaichand's gesture.
    2. Iftekar does not throw the bunch of notes to reward Vijay's first major success. He throws the bunch of notes to give Vijay an offer to join his gang. Much later, Iftekar gives him a briefcase full of notes at the party in a hotel to reward his first major success, i.e. looting Samant's (Madan Puri) gold.