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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

aise marz ko jaanne ke lie aalo.n kii nahee.n chand sawaalo.n kii zaroorat hai

Film : Mr. and Mrs. 55
Year of release : 1955
Spoken by : Doctor (C S Dubey)
Spoken to : Johnny (Johnny Walker)
Dialogue writer : Abrar Alvi

Pritam (Guru Dutt) is being examined by the doctor with a stethoscope. The doctor starts shaking his head from side to side in typical Hindi film doctor style. Pritam's friend Johnny asks him

"Doctor saahab aadmii jaayegaa to nahee.n, aapkii ye nalii kyaa boltii hai?

"aise marz ko jaanne ke lie aalo.n kii nahee.n chand sawaalo.n kii zaroorat  hai"
"ऐसे मर्ज़ को जानने के लिए आलों की नहीं चन्द सवालों की ज़रूरत है"

For those of you who do not know Urdu, the word 'aalaa' refers to instrument (a reference to the stethoscope) also used in the phrase 'aalaa-e-qatl' which means 'murder weapon'.

And then he goes on to ask certain questions and comes up with the diagnosis that Pritam suffers from hunger and unemployment. And suggests that the treatment would be two square meals a day. 

It later turns out that this was their (Pritam and Johnny's) ploy to get their  landlady (Uma Devi who later became Tun Tun) to part with some food.

I wish our doctors listened to this advice. Rather than recommending ten thousand rupees tests for everything. There is such a thing as clinical diagnosis!

By the way, the doctor is CS Dubey who later went on to become the lecherous and wily munim in many Hindi movies. 

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