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Sunday, October 31, 2010

hamee.n hum hai.n to kyaa hum hai.n tumhee.n tum ho to kyaa tum ho

Film : Sharmilee
Year of release : 1971
Spoken by : Captain Ajit Kapoor (Shashi Kapoor)
Spoken to : Colleagues at army mess
Dialogue writer : Vrajendra Gaur

This line is actually from a famous Urdu couplet written by the poet Sarshaar. The full couplet which gets quoted in the movie is 

chaman mein iKhtilaat-e-rang-o-buu se baat bantii hai 
hamii.n ham hai.n to kyaa ham hai.n, tumhee.n tum ho to kyaa tum ho

चमन में इख़्तिलात ए रंगो बू से बात बनती है
हमीं हम हैं तो क्या हम हैं, तुम्हीं तुम हो तो क्या तुम हो

The situation is that a few army men are sitting and drinking in the mess. Two of them get into an argument on some small issue. This dialogue marks Shashi's entry in the film, so to defuse the situation he says this couplet.

The amalgamation of various colours and fragrances makes a garden what it is
if it was just your kind or just my kind of fragrances and colours it won't be the same thing

A great line to break up an argument. 

The film by the way has an amazing score by SD Burman. I get gooseflesh just by writing about it. One of his best work for non-Dev Anand, non-Ashok Kumar films. Abhimaan would also rank in that league. Coming back as he was after a debilitating illness, it would have given him a lot of self confidence too. Else it could be quite depressing being unfavourably compared to your one and only son. 

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  1. Great dialogue by Vrajendra Gaur and aptly fitted in the particular situation from the smash hit Sharmilee.
    Vrajendra Gaur was greatly talented and also wrote Kati patang, Sharmilee, Parineeta, saraswatichandra, china town, sangram, teen deviyaan, the great gambler,howrah bridge dulhan wohi jo piya man bhaye.