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Friday, February 8, 2008

Mere dost beeDiyon par utar aaye hain

The idea for this blog came to me when one of my colleagues, once told me the exact line that you see in the title. The reference was - I used to normally travel by auto rickshaws and that day I had taken a state corporation bus. I was intrigued by the usage and asked him what he meant. He said that this line is uttered by Faarooque Sheikh in the 1980s classic Chashm-e-baddoor. It hit me that our Hindi films (and for that matter all films) are a very rich source of dialogues which when viewed in the proper context almost work like proverbs. How many of us have been in a workshop or a training session where after a question posed by the presenter; if no one proffers an answer, the presenter usually says "itnaa sannaaTaa kyoon hai bhaai". Seldom has this line failed in getting something from a twitter to a guffaw from the audience. This line is uttered by the grand old man of Hindi cinema - AK Hangal in that all time classic Sholay.
So this blog shall basically catch and capture such memorable lines. We will try and give you the exact words spoken - as a proverb or a quotation is incorrect if even a syllable is changed. We will also give the situation of the line, the film in which it was used, which character uttered it and what it could mean metaphorically. Although my colleague triggered the idea of creating this blog, he quoted this line wrong. So I ensure that all the lines are exactly as they appear in the film, and not as people remember them.
If you remember any great lines, please write in to me. Leave the research to me. I would like to encourage each one of you to contribute. Remember the requirements

1. The exact words to be used
2. The situation in which they are used
3. The film in which they are used
4. The character (real as well as fictional) who spouts the lines
5. The metaphor - or why do you think it qualifies to be a proverb

Any anecdotes around it are more than helpful. Feel free to write in. And I heartily wish you never have to smoke a beeDi ever. Nor a cigarette for that matter. Nor any form of tobacco. Cheers


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