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Monday, March 17, 2008

Har team mein sirf ek hee GoonDaa ho saktaa hai; aur is team kaa Goondaa main hoon

Film : Chak De India
Year of release : 2007
Spoken by : Kabir Khan (Shah RuKh Khan)
Spoken to : Bindia Naik (Shilpa Shukla)
Dialogue writer : Jaideep Sahni

Recently a colleague who had read my blog, said "It seems the guy who is writing this died in the 1990s". I asked him why he thought so. And he said, "All the lines are featuring movies in the 70s and 80s with a stray 90s line thrown in".
That set me thinking. Am I actually favouring the 70's era here. Though I do believe, that the 70's was the golden era as far as Hindi (and even Indian) cinema is concerned, I DO watch new movies. I AM impressed by some of the lines I hear in new movies too. The criteria for a line finding its way in to this blog is not the date of birth. Featuring in this post, is a very good line that I heard in a 2007 movie - Chak De India. Interestingly, the other 2000's line featured in this blog was also written by the same guy - Jaideep Sahni. He is a writer to watch out for.
And the line is -
"हर टीम में सिर्फ़ एक ही ग़ुंडा हो सकता है और इस टीम का ग़ुंडा मैं हूं"
"Har team mein sirf ek hee GoonDaa ho saktaa hai; aur is team kaa Goondaa main hoon"
Kabir Khan (Shahrukh Khan), a disgraced former hockey captain of the Indian Senior Men's team, has been appointed the coach of the Indian women's hockey team. While he is establishing his authority and credibility with the group, there are a few senior players who do not quickly comply with his training methods. Like the 'seniors' in the Indian cricket team, they try to pursue their own agenda. Like Greg Chappell, Kabir also asserts himself. And prey, how does he do that - with this classic line. This is said to one of the senior players in the team - Bindiya Naayak (played by Shilpa Shukla).
What the line literally means is that 'there can be only one bully in a team, and I am the bully in this team'. I recently heard this line used verbatim in a board room. It struck me that this line can actually become the standard fixture in all team meetings. So go ahead, use this line in all team meetings and assert your authority with aplomb. Of course, the word 'goonda' generally denotes a man. But thanks to the 'Goonda Act', this discrimination has no legal sanction. So those on the distaff side can use this line just as well as the men.

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