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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nayaa khel nayee taash

The Big B is back. This time from the 1976 movie Hera Pheri. In the movie Amitabh plays a conman - Vijay who,along with his partner in crime Ajay (Vinod Khanna) run various scams. In one such scam, Vijay goes to a gambling house and sits down on a high stakes table to play cards. The table is classified as 'no limit' by Asrani, who is a regular patron in that place. When Asrani welcomes Vijay to the table, he says
"Partner, kyaa khayaal hai - naye mehmaan ke saath nayaa khel? No limits? Cut for deal..."
As he proffers the deck of cards, Vijay in that familiar baritone says
"No - nayaa khel nayee taash"
"No नया खेल नयी ताश"
And he asks for a new deck of cards. When you start a new venture, or you take over as the head of an existing venture, many a times you would like to make a new beginning in more ways than one. It could mean a new office, a new car, new staff or even a new mobile phone. Some people take this to excessive limits too. But nonetheless, whenever you are in a new place, and you are trying to get something new, use this line
"नया खेल नयी ताश "

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