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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Saaree Khudaaii ek taraf beevee kaa bhaai ek taraf

Film: Tumhare Bina
Year of release: 1982
Spoken by: Mr Khanna (Shail Chaturvedi)
Spoken to: Seema Dutt (Swaroop Sampat)

Mr Khanna is Seema's boss and the manager in the bank they both work in. He has been invited with family to Seema's house for lunch and when he is introducing his brother in law Divakar (Anoop Kumar), he uses this famous proverb.
One of my friends used a variant of this. His boss had asked him to give regular work to one of his brothers who used to be in a related trade. The brother was slow on the uptake, and my friend used to say
सारी ख़ुदाई एक तरफ़ बॉस का भाई एक तरफ़

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