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Monday, April 21, 2008


And now the fifties makes a debut. Though Mughal-e-azam was released in 1960 - it was in the making, largely during the 50s. Of course, the Dilip Kumar-Madhubala affair also lent a special flavour to this film, but this film in my opinion is one of the greatest examples of what great writing should be. The dialogues and screenplay have been the source of constant copying across ages. Sample this
"YalGaar ho" used by Ismail Durbaar in a TV reality show as his war cry:)
"Shahenshaah baap ka bhes badal ke aayaa hai?" copied by Salim Javed 15 years later in Deewar
"Mujrim bhaai ka bhes badal kar aayaa hai". The list goes on and on. It is one such film where you do not understand anything (due to the quality of Urdu used) but still like the sound of it).
Coming down to the line featured here, it is not a line - it is a word. When I first saw this film I was a teenager. When I came out of the cinema hall, the only word I remembered was this. Oh the no of times I have used this word. I just love it.
It means solitude. But in the movie, it is used by the emperor or the prince every time they wish to be left alone. The imperious tone in which it is said gives the word its special flavour. So next time you are in a meeting room and wish everyone to leave, go ahead and say "taKhaliyaa". Beware. Be prepared to explain the meaning to those around. But very quickly they will learn the meaning and start doing the needful. It is so much more courteous than "all of you get the hell out of here". Try it.

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