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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Duniyaa meiN aisaa koee qanoon nahee hai ki puraanaa aadmii Gaddaaree nahee kar saktaa

Film : Duniya
Year of release : 1984
Spoken by : JK (Pran)
Spoken to : His associate (Unknown)
Dialogue writer : Javed Akhtar

This is another line from the 1984 movie Duniya. Jugal Kishore aka JK (Pran) is the chief villain in the film. He is told that one of his trucks containing contraband goods has been captured by the police. He suspects one of his men. His aide protests and says they are all old hands. Pran retorts with
दुनिया में ऐसा कोई क़ानून नहीं है कि पुराना आदमी ग़द्दारी नही कर सकता
We all find solace in dealing with people we know. Often we meet an old friend from college and start trusting him from the word go. It is possible that he might have changed from the way he was in college. But it seems impossible to us because we are very comfortable with that person. Higher desires and ambitions might have completely changed the person. But the ‘puraanaa aadmii’ syndrome is rampant even in corporate India. I know you for 6 years and I know another person for 8 years. I think I will deal with the other person, since I know him longer. If such a situation confronts you, remember this line by Pran

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