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Thursday, May 8, 2008

KaanToN ko murjhaane kaa Khauf nahee hotaa

Mughal-e-Aazam once more. I think this film is amazing. No wonder it took 20 years in the making. This line comes after the famous qawwali - Teri mehfil mein qismat aazmaa ke hum bhee dekhenge. This is actually played out as a competition between Bahar (Nigar Sultana) and Anarkali (Madhubala). Finally when it is time to judge - Salim (Dilip Kumar) hands over the petals of the rose to Bahaar and the thorns to Anarkali. She comes up with this beautiful line
कांटों को मुर्झाने का ख़ौफ़ नहीं होता
kaanToN ko murjhaane kaa Khauf naheeN hotaa
So whenever you are in a situation of despair, you could have nothing more to lose. Something like that famous joke "shani teraa kyaa bigaaD legaa". Use this line.


  1. kaato ko murjhane ka khof nahee hotaa ""

    very nice !!

  2. इरफान के ब्लॉग से आपके ब्लॉग का पता चला।
    मुग़ले आज़म के तो सभी संवाद एक से एक नीराले हैं। पिछले दिनों इसका रंगीन संस्करण देखा।
    बहुत मजा आया।