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Thursday, May 8, 2008

PaanDavoN waalee shart mat lagaaiye

In ChakDe India (2007), there is a scene when Kabir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) challenges the Hockey federation to a match between the men's and women's hockey team. The background is that the federation has just dropped the bombshell that due to funds shortage - only one team could go to the World Cup. And since the women's team were no hopers - they would obviously be left out. That's when a desperate coach Kabir throws this challenge. The hockey federation member Tripathi (Anjan Srivastav) sniggers and says
पाण्डवों वाली शर्त मत लगाइये - चीर हरण न हो जाये
Of course the reference is to Mahabharat and the game of dice which ended in the Pandavs losing everything - even their wife Draupadi who was molested in full public view. So Tripathi is referring to that instance. But the line is good. You can use it metaphorically whenever you think that the challenge or bet that is being accepted by a person, would lead to his ruin. You could say (with or without a snigger)
PaanDavoN waalee shart mat lagaaiye
पाण्डवों वाली शर्त मत लगाइये

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