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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Race car naheeN...chalaane waalaa jeetataa hai

Have you seen two companies with similar pedigree and financial backing in a competing marketplace. One of them sometimes forges far ahead of the other. Leaves you wondering - what have they got that the one company got, that the other hasn't. More often than not, the difference is made by the man at the helm. The CEO or MD or President or Head - by whatever name the head honcho is called. So in a race if one driver is given a Ferrari and the other has a Ford, who would win. Did you say Ferrari? Think again. As Ranvir Singh a.k.a Ronnie (Saif Ali Khan) says,

रेस कार नहीं...चलाने वाला जीतता है

In the climax of the movie Race, the two brothers Ronnie and Rajiv (Akshaye Khanna) decide to race each other on the car racing turf to settle the owner of the 100 million dollar booty. When Rajiv (who has driven in a Ford like car) sees Ronnie driving a Ferrari like car, he protests and says that Ronnie has a faster car. Ronnie very stylishly hands the keys of his Ferrari like car to Rajiv and says

Race car naheeN...chalaane waalaa jeetataa hai

The consequent turn of events prove him right.

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