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Friday, May 16, 2008

YaheeN to maat khaa gayaa naa India

When I first saw this film on Doordarshan years back, I remember thinking to myself - Man! Smita Patil is for sure a good actress, but Rajesh Khanna is a very good actor himself! J Om Prakash (Hrithik's papa sasur) is famous for starting all his films with 'A' and for great music in his movies. It is rumoured that he earns over a couple of lacs every month just from the royalty of the music in his movies. This film too had good music, but it was a better film. This line is the 'takia kalaam' or pet phrase of Alok Nath (Rajesh Khanna) in this movie. Whenever he had to object to a particular statement or behaviour - he would interject and say
यहीं तो मात खा गया ना इंडिया
YaheeN to maat khaa gayaa naa India
I quite liked the way he said it. I have used it whenever a friend or a colleague has made emotional statements or cynical statements or despairing statement. In fact it can be used in any situation - India is quite a large and heterogeneous country. So if you want to disagree with a colleague or a friend or a relative who is an Indian, use this
यहीं तो मात खा गया ना इन्डिया
Incidentally this is the first Rajesh Khanna line featured on this blog. The original superstar thus makes his debut here.

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