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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chaai se zyaadaa ketlee Garm hai

Another hilarious sequence from the 2000 comedy Hera Pheri. A bank manager (Asrani) gives a particular job to Anuradha (Tabu). Anuradha has tricked the other candidate Ghanshyam (Suniel Shetty) into giving up his candidature. When Ghanshyam realizes this he threatens the bank manager. The bank manager is egging Anuradha on to use her feminine charms and handle Ghanshyam. The three of them are standing at a BEST bus stop. Asrani signals to Anuradha with his eyes that she should get a move on with Shyam. Anuradha shows hesitation but then eventually follows Shyam into a bus which pulls in. All this is being watched by a roadside romeo (Snehal Dabi). He thinks that he has just watched a commercial transaction of a dubious nature. He desires to be a party to a similar transaction. He looks upon Asrani as the intermediary for availing similar services. Hence he approaches Asrani. Asrani initially tries to politely shoo him away but as Snehal becomes insistent, Asrani runs away angrily. Snehal remarks

चाय से ज़्यादा केतली ग़र्म है
It happens often that the object of your desire is amenable or available, but the route to that object has greater obstacles. In tamizh, there is a saying

सामी वरम कोडुत्तालुम पूसारी वरम कोडुक्कणम
Saamee varam koDuttaalum poosaaree varam koDukkaNam

Even if the God is willing, it is imperative that the priest has to be amenable as well. As Snehal says sometimes you find
चाय से ज़्यादा केतली ग़र्म है

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