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Sunday, July 6, 2008

duniyaa me aisaa koii qaanoon naheeN hai jo patnee ko pati kee jeb saaf karne se rok sake

Once in a while I do come across lines which do not have the kind of layers that I look for. But they do make me laugh. I struggle a lot with myself before deciding to put such lines on this blog. The line featured today is one such line. It is featured in the climax of the movie. Interestingly apart from Vinod Khanna (who was called Kishan) all the other main characters in this film were called by their real names. So Amitabh was Amit, Neetu was Neetu, Shabana was Shabbo, Shammi Kapoor was Shamsher Singh. Wonder why Vinod wasn’t called Vinod. Or was his full name Vinod Kishan Khanna. Anyways, both the girls are pick pockets. In the 1970s film it was considered ok for heroines to be pick pockets. They were not allowed to smoke and drink – but picking pockets was ok. Their abuses were also limited to words like “halkaT, saalaa and kameenaa”. They could not make uncharitable references to one’s parentage. Anyways, these two girls (who also happened to be sisters) were nice girls who had to pick pockets to make ends meet. Okay, no more ranting. Back at the ranch, we were talking about the climax. Neetu is Amit’s girl and Shabbo is Kishan’s girl. Both the marriages are happening together. During the ceremony, Shabbo flicks Kishan’s purse. Amit makes a comment on the inappropriateness of such an action. Neetu comes to Shabbo’s aid and points out that the act has achieved legitimacy now. She says

दुनिया में ऐसा कोई क़ानून नहीं है जो पत्नी को पति की जेब साफ़ करने से रोक सके

So this is a good line to use to justify similar actions even today. Though the ‘jeb’ might take the form of using a debit/credit card or using the online transfer from a bank website.

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