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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Faisle naheeN unke nateeje Galat hote haiN

Film: Contract
Year of release : 2008
Spoken by : Amaan Ali Yusuf (aka Aman Mallik played by Adhvik Mahajan)
Spoken to : Ahmad Hussain (Prasad Purandare)
Contract is Ramgopal Varma's take on Govind Nihalani's Drohkaal. It is 1 hour too long. On second thoughts make that 2 hours. Jokes apart, the film could have been redeemed with tighter exposures. RGV is full of bluster and arrogance on his blog, when he says that a film is supposed to be the director's view and he cannot really take into account people's likes and dislikes. I agree with him. But Mr Varma, can you please keep the camera on the 0 feet above sea level and please switch on the tubelights on the set. I try to switch on all the tubelights in my house, but as Javed Akhtar said
"Aasoodgee se dil ke sabhee daaG dhul gaye
lekin wo kaise jaaye jo sheeshe meN baal hai"
"आसूदगी से दिल के सभी दाग़ धुल गये
लेकिन वो कैसे जाये जो शीशे में बाल है"
All the tubelights in my house cannot undo the total darkness on the screen. But then I am digressing. The protagonist has been planted by a top police operative in the terrorist camp and halfway through the film the police operative (Ahmad Hussain) asks the protagonist Amaan :
"tumheN kabhee aisaa lagaa hai ki tumne Galat faislaa kiyaa hai?"
Aman responds
"Faisle naheeN unke nateeje Galat hote haiN"
"फ़ैसले नहीं उनके नतीजे ग़लत होते हैं"
This is so true. Whenever we call a decision as wrong - it is with hindsight. And hindsight as they say has 20/20 vision.

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