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Monday, November 17, 2008

Inkaa exam hai?

Film: Vivaah
Year of release: 2006
Spoken by : Rahul (Ameya Pandya)
Spoken to : Bhavna (Lata Sabharwal)
I found it very difficult to watch this film. Not because it wasn't a nice film. It was. Not because the performances were not good. They were. But while watching the film, my brain kept rejecting everything thrown at it. The songs were atrocious. Hard to fathom why Suraj chose Daddu (Ravindra Jain) for the music. Suraj says it is because he could write lines like 'samarpan kee belaa' to describe the first night meeting. I wonder why he couldn't have outsourced the music at least. Coming back to the post, this is the scene where Prem (Shahid Kapoor) and Poonam (Amrita Rao) meet for the first time. Bhavna (Prem's bhabhee) decide to leave them alone and take little Rahul (Prem's nephew) also along. Before leaving them, Bhavna says - 'all the best'.
Little Rahul is perplexed and asks
"inka exam hai?"

"इनका इग्ज़ॅम है?"

One of the few genuine mirthful moments of the film. With films like Return of the Jewel Thief, you can laugh at them, if not with them. But in movies like Vivaah, even that is not possible without feeling guilty. You run the risk of being dubbed as heartless and emotionless.

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