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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Qutub minar par malaai maar ke le aa

Film : Road
Year of release: 2002
Spoken by : Babu (Manoj Bajpai)
Spoken to : Dhaba waiter
Manoj Bajpai excelled in this film as Babu, the criminal. The couple in love - Arvind and Lakshmi (Vivek Oberoi and Antara Mali) see the first glimpse of his darker side at the dhaabaa. They have given him a lift. He forces them to stop a dhaabaa saying he is very hungry. When the dhaabaa waiter comes to serve him, Babu asks him
"kyaa milegaa?"
The dhaabaa waiter says
"sab kuchh milegaa"
Babu responds with
"Qutub minar par malaai maar ke le aa"
"क़ुतुब मीनार पर मलाई मार के ले आ"
Now this is a perfectly normal joke, but it is the way Babu says it that underlines a certain menace to his character. He follows this line by asking the waiter boy why he had said 'sab kuchh milegaa'. The audience and the waiter boy both are very uncomfortable with this character called Babu by now. The young couple have started wondering now, but the full import will hit them soon after.
So. If you stop by at a restaurant where the waiter tells you 'sab kuchh milegaa' try this line. Unless you say it the way Babu says it, I think you will only generate laughter.

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