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Monday, December 15, 2008

Aapkaa janeoo dikh rahaa hai

Film : Hera Pheri
Year of release : 1976
Spoken by : Ajay (Vinod Khanna)
Spoken to : Asha Khanna (SulakshaNa PanDit)

Ajay saves Asha from some goons who are trying to molest her. He manages to scare them off. However, the goons have torn Asha's clothes. And the audience can see the fat ugly bra strap that was common in the 1970s. But the line that Ajay delivers has to go down as a classic. He says

आपका जनेऊ दिख रहा है

Whenever I am faced with such a situation, I cannot but help remember this line. Whether I use it or not depends on how well I know the person in question. But the line crops up nonetheless and brings a smile to the face.

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