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Monday, January 5, 2009

Sher aur bakree donoN ek hee ghaaT se paanee naheeN peete

Film : Dus Numbri
Year of release : 1976
Spoken by : Inspector Jaichand (Premnath)
Spoken to : Arjun aka Dus Numbri (Manoj Kumar)
Manoj Kumar has sued Farah and Shahrukh for misrepresenting him in OSO. If you want to see how sickening and stupid he looked, see this film. Crap film with some very good songs. But when a film is so bad you want to stick till the end a la Return of the Jewel Thief. And I think he should have paid Farah money for the service that she has done to him. Par woh kahaanii phir kabhee.
Arjun is a 'bad character' and Inspector Jaichand is a crooked police officer. In one exchange between the two, Arjun asks Jaichand for a 50% cut in the fake currency racket. Jaichand is angry that a petty crook considers himself worthy of equal profits. He says,
"Sher aur bakree donoN ek hee ghaaT se paanee naheeN peete"
"शेर और बकरी दोनों एक ही घाट से पानी नहीं पीते"
Premnath makes his debut on this blog.

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