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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Main der se marne waaloN meN hooN

Film : DaaG
Year of release : 1973
Spoken by : Diwan (Manmohan Krishna)
Spoken to : Sunil (Rajesh Khanna)
I love this line. It is an oblique reference to a rich man. Diwan is a heart patient who has an attack while travelling on a train with his daughter Chandni (Raakhi). Sunil helps them during the journey and Diwan is very grateful. He tells Sunil about Chandni's troubles - she has been cheated by a man and is now pregnant and unmarried. After helping them off the train, Sunil tries to console him and says
"aap achchhe ho jaayenge aapkaa ilaaj ho rahaa hai"
"आप अच्छे हो जायेंगे आपका इलाज हो रहा है"
Diwan says,
"Ilaaj vagairah sab bahaanaa hai, tareeqaa hai rupayaa kharch karne kaa. Jinke paas hotaa hai vo der se marte haiN aur jinke paas naheeN hotaa vo jaldii mar jaate haiN. MaiN der se marne waaloN meN hooN"
"इलाज वगैरह सब बहाना है, तरीक़ा है रुपया खर्च करने का. जिनके पास होता है वो देर से मरते हैं और जिनके पास नहीं होता वो जल्दी मर जाते हैं. मैं देर से मरने वालों में हूं."
Sometimes when I see our allopathic medicine system and the costs associated with even small things, I am reminded of this line. But I can safely say one thing. I am not rich.
मैं देर से मरने वालों में नहीं हूं.

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