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Monday, March 30, 2009

mard aadmii khelte haiN baabu...dekhne vaaloN ko kyaa kehte haiN maaloom?

Film : Ankur
Year of release : 1974
Spoken by : Swami - A villager (Unidentified)
Spoken to : Surya (Anant Nag)
On Diwali day, three men come to Surya's house. He invites them to drink and gamble. They invite him to gamble along with them. Surya refuses, he says
"Aisaa karo tum log khelo - maiN dekhooNgaa"
"ऐसा करो तुम लोग खेलो - मैं देखूंगा"
Swami (one of the gamblers) retorts with
"mard aadmii khelte haiN babu, dekhne waaloN ko kyaa kehte haiN maaloom?"
"मर्द आदमी खेलते हैं बाबू, देखने वालों को क्या कहते हैं मालूम ? "
A classic hark back to the Sanskrit quotation
"उद्योगम् पुरुष लक्षणम् "
he wants to watch.

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