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Thursday, April 30, 2009

kyonki chori ki yaari aur chori ki savaari kabhee kabhee karnee chaahiye

Film : Kuchche Dhaage
Year of release : 1973
Spoken by : Roopa (Kabir Bedi)
Spoken to : Laakhan (Vinod Khanna)

This was another of those dacoit films of the 70s. Must have been a very angry country at that time. But what I found interesting was the spelling of the film. The film was spelt on its print and posters as 'Kuchhe Dhaage' which I would read as 'Threads of Underwear' in this form (कच्छे धागे) as against the actual meaning of 'Weak Threads'.

Anyways the film has two dacoit gangs - one a Brahmin gang and the other was a Rajput gang. The chieftains of both gangs viz., Roopa and Laakhan come together in the climax to ensure the wedding of their beloved.

When both of them are fighting together against the police and enjoying a banter about their horses. They both had stolen each others horses. Laakhan asks Roopa, if he rides his white horse. Roopa says
"kabhi kabhi"
Laakhan asks
"kabhi kabhi kyon?"

Roopa comes up with an interesting answer
"kyonki chori ki yaari aur chori ki savaari kabhee kabhee karnee chaahiye"
"क्योंकि चोरी कि यारी और चोरी की सवारी कभी कभी करनी चाहिये"

I quite like this wonderful rules that brigands and dacoits come up with.

But do you know that a movie which has Vinod Khanna and Kabir Bedi running after Moushmi Chatterjee, who does she go and marry. Some guy called Ritesh. But then that is what Moushmi would have wanted, after all Ritesh was just the screen name of her real life husband Jayanto Mukherjee (singer Hemant Kumar's son)

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