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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bardaasht kii koii had naheeN hotee

Film: Besharam
Year of release: 1978
Spoken by: Ramchandraji (A K Hangal)
Spoken to: Ram (Amitabh Bachchan)

A K Hangal should have debuted on this blog with that classic from Sholay "itnaa sannaaTaa kyoN haiN bhai". But as luck would have it, it is this line that marks his debut here.

Besharam is directed by Deven Verma and is one of Amitabh's weak films. This is the only film in which Amitabh plays the role of an LIC agent (probably explains the title :))

Pande (Jagdish Raj) is insulting his father Ramchandraji in Ram's presence. Tony (Imtiaz Khan) taunts Ram about his predicament. Ram goes and grabs Tony's collar. His father stops him. Ram angrily says
"Bardaasht kii bhii koii had hotee hai"
"बर्दाश्त की भी कोई हद होती है"

Ramchandraji very calmly responds:
"bardaasht kii koee had naheeN hotee...kuttaa agar aadmii ko kaaT le to aadmii kutte ko naheeN kaaTtaa"
"बर्दाश्त की कोई हद नहीं होती...कुत्ता अगर आदमी को काट ले तो आदमी कुत्ते को नहीं काटता"
Of course, as the film goes on to prove, that he was not quite right. But then this was an interesting line.

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