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Saturday, August 15, 2009

jo aadmii apne naseeb ko kostaa rahtaa hai, uskaa naseeb bhii use koste rahte hai.N

Film : Guide
Year of release : 1965
Spoken by : Raju (Dev Anand)
Spoken to : Rosie Marco (Waheeda Rehman)

Rosie takes an overdose of sleeping pills. Meanwhile, her husband Marco (Kishore Sahu) is away in the caves of Udaipur, exploring and excavating. Rosie does not die and as she is recovering, Raju goes and fetches Marco. Marco is very upset about having been called away from his passion - exploration of the caves. He accuses her of acting like this only to frustrate him. He says that if she actually intended to die, she would have taken a couple of more pills. He dares Rosie to commit suicide. Rosie runs out in a fit of anger and tries to jump into a lake. Raju, who is waiting outside, sees her and steps in to stop her from doing so. He also continues to follow her for a while, fearing she would attempt to do so again. Once the tension dies down, they start chatting and being the professional that he is, he starts explaining the view and the locales to her. He points to a small island in the lake which has a mausoleum dedicated to the king's dog. Rosie is surprised at the reference to 'kutte kee mazaar' (dog mausoleum). Raju says it was the king's beloved dog. Rosie sighs and comments that the dog was better off than her. Raju then turns around in what is now well-known as the 'Dev Anand style' and says

"jo aadmii apne naseeb ko kostaa rahtaa hai, uskaa naseeb bhii use koste rahte hai.N"
"जो आदमी अपने नसीब को कोसता रह्ता है, उसका नसीब भी उसे कोसते रहते हैं"

Guide is always referred to as a classic, though I am always reminded of the article titled 'Mis-guide' written by R K Narayan. I am also waiting to see the English version of Guide (which I am told is much shorter), but was never released in India. But then you take out Sachin Dev Burman's music from Guide, then what is left? I wonder!

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