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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Raashan pe bhaashan bahut hai par bhaashan pe raashan koii nahii

Film : Upkaar
Year of  release : 1967
Spoken by : Malang Baba (Pran)
Spoken to : Various characters

A hark back to the 'raashan' era, where ordinary middle class citizens spent a lot of time getting this ungettable object.

This is the film which turned Pran's image from the despicable rogue that he played with elan to a 'character actor'. This was then taken to greater lengths with films like Zanjeer and Majboor. Pran along with Nirupa Roy became Amitabh's lucky charm. So much so that when he and ABCL were struggling badly, he got Pran to come out of retirement and do a special act with him in that crap film called Mrityudaata. The film was so bad that no amount of luck or charm could help it.

But Upkaar was the beginning of the Bharat series of patriotic films. It was riding on the Indo-Pak war and the personality of Late LB Shastri. But it is not a bad film either. Well written, good songs and some great characters - like this Malang fellow whose shibboleth is

"राशन पे भाषण बहुत है, पर भाषण पे राशन कोई नहीं, इसलिये जब भी बोलता हूं, ज़्यादा ही बोलता हूं"

"Raashan pe bhaashan bahut hai, par bhaashan pe raashan koee nahee.n, isliye jab bhii boltaa hoon. zyaadaa hee boltaa hoo.n'

Use it whenever you are accused of being garrulous.

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