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Friday, October 15, 2010

Main to inko tabse jaantaa hoon jab inke baal safed the

Film : Jeenaa Yahaan
Year of release :  1979
Spoken by : Umesh (Unknown)
Spoken to : Shekhar (Shekhar Kapur)
Dialogue writer : Basu Chatterjee

Shekhar Kapur did a few films with his then girl friend Shabana Azmi. Jeena Yahaan was one of them. Very rarely do real life couples have online chemistry. Dharam-Hema and Rishi-Neetu notable exceptions. Shabana and Shekhar too dont have much going by way of chemistry. Anyways the film was a Basu Chatterjee film. And hence I had to see it. Nothing much to recommend in the movie though. Even Salilda's music was stale. But I love this line.

Shekhar is helping to organise a function marking the inauguration of a new venture of one of his friends. Another friend Umesh (unknown actor and a new member of the group) is also helping out. Mr Mathur (R S Chopra) arrives with his family just then.  Shekhar welcomes him and introduces Mr. Mathur to Umesh.

Shekhar: Umesh, Mathur ko pehchaante ho? उमेश, माथुर को पहचानते हो?

(To Mathur) Umesh, hamaare group kaa nayaa member hai. उमेश, हमारे ग्रूप का नया मॅम्बर है.

Umesh: Mathur ko kaun nahii.n pehchaantaa. Main to inko tabse jaantaa hoon jab inke baal safed the. Kaale to ab huye hain. माथुर को कौन नहीं पह्चानता. मैं तो इनको तबसे जानता हूं जब इनके बाल सफ़ेद थे. काले तो अब हुये हैं

Guffaws and twitters all around and a very red faced Mathur. Good line Mr. Chatterjee. Well done! Can't say that for the rest of the film though.


  1. Boss, how could you forget the following couples for sheer chemistry:

    1) AB-Rekha
    2) Dilip-Madhubala
    3) Raj-Nargis

    Shaadi Inki Hui Nahin Toh Kya, Barbaadi Toh Hui !

  2. I must say, you do a very good job with finding these lines from the bollywood movies. Being a huge bollywood fan myself, i completely admire your knack of taking note of these lines that might otherwise be ignored.

    PS: Do you write fiction, too? I think you would do a good job!