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Thursday, February 3, 2011

tareeqaa chhoDo saahab, baat Galat thaa

Film : Bobby
Year of release : 1973
Spoken by : Jack Braganza (Prem Nath)
Spoken to : Mr. Nath (Pran)
Dialogue writer : Jainendra Jain

The famous showdown between Pran and Premnath in the latter's brother-in-law's film made to launch his second son. Now can someone tell me why the Christian characters in Hindi films revealed their Christian names while with the Hindus you had to make do with the surnames. So Pran is Mr. Nath and Premnath is Jack Braganza. Wonder if in first standard his teacher called him Mr. Nath!  Picture this...

Pappoo - Present teacher, Munni - Present teacher, Ravi - Present teacher, Mr. Nath - Present teacher. Khair chhoDo, yeh qissa phir kabhee...

(Mr.) Nath has spoken in an insulting tone in an earlier meeting with Jack Braganza. Jack had gone to the Naths residence to discuss the alliance with his daughter. Nath had insinuated that Braganza had used his daughter to ensnare a rich heir like his son. Now Nath, under pressure from his son,  goes back to Braganza's house in a conciliatory mood. He says, 

"shaayad mere baat karne kaa tareeqaa Galat thaa"
"शायद मेरे बात करने का तरीक़ा ग़लत था'

Braganza however is in no mood for reconciliation. Still angry, he says

"tareeqaa chhoDo saahab, baat Galat thaa"
"तरीक़ा छोडो साहब, बात ग़लत था"

Kindly excuse grammar. Hindi film writers as you know loved stereotypes. So Madrasi will speak thus and Christian will speak thus. All this is predecided. So all the Hindi teachers of the world could not have made Jack Braganza say 'baat Galat thii'. Because the troika of Raj Kapoor, KA Abbas and Jainendra Jain had already decided that. 

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