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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

moorakh mukhiyaa bhool kare aur bhugte saaraa gaao.n

Film : Mausam
Year of release : 1975
Spoken by : Harihar Thapa (Om Shivpuri)
Spoken to : Dr Amarnath Gill (Sanjeev Kumar)
Dialogue writer : Gulzar

Well I thought I must get this one in before Shahid Kapoor's Mausam releases :)

Though I am not partial to the 70s, I do feel that the quality of writers in that phase, will never be replicated. Rajinder Singh Bedi, Rahi Masoom Raza, Sachin Bhowmick, Salim Javed, Gulzar - all contemporaries! That is why neither the 50s nor the 60s nor the 80s and later appear as much as the 70s do on this blog. But on second thoughts probably I am biased :)

Mausam was a film based on AJ Cronin's 1961 story The Judas Tree. Kamleshwar is credited with the story, but then he did make substantial changes. Indian audiences would not have accepted Kajri getting married to Dr Gill. 

Amarnath is a medical student, who has come to Darjeeling to study. During one of his excursions, he slips over some stairs and falls. He manages to drag himselves to the nearest 'vaid' - Harihar Thapa. When Harihar hears how he slipped over the stairs, he comes up with this quip. The line is a reference to Amarnath's eyes (the mukhiya) whose fault leads to the entire body (saaraa gaao.n) suffering. 

"moorakh mukhiyaa bhool kare aur bhugte saaraa gaao.n"
"मूरख मुखिया भूल करे और भुगते सारा गांव" 


  1. Yes you are biased...but then again the great lines have all been used up and the new movies do not have any such lines that captivates you like the old ones...

  2. I guess the comment should have been that the 70's lines were catchiest...if at all there is such a word...:):)):)