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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ek to in logo.n ne 'Devdas' ka remake banaa banaa ke bachcho.n ke dimaaG kaa satyaanaash kar diyaa hai

Film : Break Ke Baad
Year of release : 2010
Spoken by : Pammi Gulati (Lillette Dubey)
Spoken to : Abhay Gulati (Imran Khan)
Dialogue writer : Renuka Kunzru

Please don't see this film just because this dialogue is being featured. I try to make the most of adverse situations. But this film was an extremely adverse situation. Anyway, this very complex film has the hero and heroine being great buddies, then breaking up, then realising that they were actually lovers. Brilliant. I should never have started this post. Let me get this over soon.

A heartbroken Abhay is speaking to his aunt Pammi. And he tells her that he cannot love ever again. Pammi is a more pragmatic woman, who urges him to move on with life. She is quite upset to hear this from Abhay and responds with this line.

"ek to in logo.n ne 'Devdas' ka remake banaa banaa ke bachcho.n ke dimaaG kaa satyaanaash kar diyaa hai"
"एक तो इन लोगों ने देवदास का रीमेक बना बना के बच्चों के दिमाग़ का सत्यानाश कर दिया है.

Yeah I too have wondered why has this story been remade so many times. You can see on the right hand side, even on this blog, for the last many months, the most popular dialogue has been the one from Devdas. 


  1. I have readig your posts for quite some time now...I love the dialogues. Wierd thing is, while I was reading this, an old friend pinged me. When I asked him about his girlfriend, he told me "uske jagah pe Hema hai"..later explaining this was a line from Munnabhai MBBS.

    So there you go, a very practical example of what you do through this blog :) Lovely posts !!!

  2. Thanks Sumana for your appreciation. Now I will have to see mb mbbs again to find this dialogue that you mentioned.

    When I started the blog, I had hoped that the reading public would join in and suggest their favourite lines (or lines that they have used). But alas that has not really happened.

    Your comment is a glimmer of hope.

    Thanks once again


    btw my favourite lines from munnabhai mbbs

  3. It comes in a song..not a dialogue per se. The one Munna and gang sing in the hospital, to cheer up the suicidal kid.