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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

lekin kaam kuchh aisaa hai, ki mujhe aise hee aadmiyo.n kee zaroorat hai

Film : Sholay
Year of release : 1975
Spoken by : Thakur Baldev Singh (Sanjeev Kumar)
Spoken to : Jailor (Vikas Anand)
Dialogue writer : Salim Javed

I have always held that the entire screenplay of Sholay would walk into this blog. This is a classic line for an HR person writing a JD, or a line manager asking for a particular type of candidate. Because sometimes even in hardcore corporate jobs, unconventional people are required. 

This is the opening sequence of this great movie which will soon be released in 3D. I hope they do a good job technically. This is a film that deserves to be remade, recreated, digitally enhanced, etc etc etc. 

Thakur asks Ramlal to show a photo to the jailor and asks him if he recognises the men in the photo.

"inhe.n pehchaante hai.n aap?"

The Jailor responds with,

"Thakur sahab shayad hee koee aisaa jail ho, jisme.n ye dono.n naa gaye ho.n. ye veeru hai aur ye jaidev. dono.n ke dono.n pakke badmaash. ek nambar ke chor. chha.nTe hue GunDe hai.n"

Then with a sigh, Thakur comes up with this gem,

"jaantaa hoo.n lekin kaam kuchh aisaa hai, ki mujhe aise hee aadmiyo.n kee zaroorat hai"
"जानता हूं, लेकिन काम कुछ ऐसा है, कि मुझे ऐसे ही आदमियों की ज़रूरत है"

The discussion continues with the jailor saying that he does not know what kind of job he wants them for, but they are rotten to the core. Or as he puts it, 

"khoTaa sikkaa to dono.n hee taraF se khoTaa hotaa hai"

Thakur comes up with another gem,

"sikke aur insaan me.n shaayad yahee farq hai"
"सिक्के और इंसान में शायद यही फ़र्क़ है"


  1. I also liked the lines that follow this conversation and flashback:

    woh baadmaash hain, lekin bahadur hain
    khatanaak hain isliye ki larna jaante hain
    burre hain magar insaan hain

    btw, i enjoy these superb gems from hindi films that you post.


  2. Hi Shampa

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    As I said in the post, I love the entire screenplay of Sholay and each dialogue will walk into my blog.

  3. You are right....the entire screenplay is worth quoting.

    when gabbar sets eye on the duo, he says

    gabbar te taap se tumi ek hi aadmi bachha sakta hai...ek hi aadmi

    and then he pauses

    khud gabbar...

    i thought that pause was very effective


  4. Ravi,

    Would the comedic lines in Sholay make it to this blog? I thought the comedy was a bit forced ('hum agrezon ke zamaaney ke jailer hain') ...

    The one I like in this movie is not that 'heavy' .. it is when veeru climbs up the water-tank to commit su-side (thats how he says it). Basanti come running up to Jay to express her concern and he very calmly says ...

    kuch nahin hoga - jab daroo utregi, to yeh bhi utar jayega

    The legend is that the water tank (used only in this sequence in the whole movie, I think) was buqueathed by the film to the village where Sholay was made.

  5. Dear Ghost writer,

    yes all the lines would, but if you notice i generally avoid the very famous lines. so most of the lines that would walk into a top 25 have still not made it here. it is not because they are not good, it is because i always think that i can put it in anytime.

    with the asrani scene, i would probably start with 'are jab ham nahee.n sudhar sake to tum kyaa sudhroge'. ostensibly asrani himself liked that line so much he produced a film called hum naheen sudhrenge.

    the line that you have mentioned from the tanki scene would also come on this blog someday. but my favourite from that scene is "lekin ye angrez log marte kyo.n hai.n'

    but as i mentioned in another post, the entire screenplay of sholay can walk into this blog. so don't get me started now :)