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Thursday, September 20, 2012

jo jawaan hai uskii himmat kaise TooT saktii hai

Film : Haqeeqat
Year of release : 1964
Spoken by : Major Ranjit Singh (Balraj Sahni)
Spoken to : A member of his team
Dialogue writer : Chetan Anand

Major exhorts his men to continue walking and expresses the hope that there is light at the end of this tunnel. 

"yeh pagDanDee zaroor kisii bastii me.n jaayegii. bas yeh aaKhirii chaDhaaee hai."

His next in command protests,

"sir jawaano.n kee himmat... Toot chukii hai"

Major comes up with this classic line. A great reminder to the youth of today, who I feel give up very easily.

"jo jawaan hai uskii himmat kaise TooT saktii hai"
"जो जवान है उसकी हिम्मत कैसे टूट सकती है"

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  1. Your web site is top-notch I will have to read it all, thank you for the diversion from my classwork!