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Monday, September 30, 2013

Pehle sone ki Lanka jalegi, uske baad RaavaN maara jaayega

Film : Duniya
Year of release : 1984
Spoken by : Mohan Kumar (Dilip Kumar)
Spoken to : RD Puri (Ashok Kumar)
Dialogue writer : Javed Akhtar
In All the President's Men, the 1976 movie based on the Watergate scandal, Deep Throat tells Bob Woodward to 'follow the money'. After 9/11, terrorism was constricted by drying up its funding. That has resulted in ordinary people like you and me having to do myriad things like KYC and PAN, even when we have to buy a 10000 rupees mutual fund. But drying up the funds flow is a sure shot to weaken an enterprise.
In this superb revenge movie, Mohan Kumar approaches Puri (whom he had saved in a prison fight) for help, to extract revenge from the troika of villains. He says,
"Yeh teen alag alag aadmii nahee.n hain, teen sar.on waalaa ek raakshas hai...
un teen saro.n waale rakshas se,  main laDoonga
Puri agrees to help him. He says,
"Theek hai, agar tum yahi chaahte ho to. lekin ye laDaai tumhe jazbaat se nahee.n, aql se laDni hogi.
kyonki dushman tumse, mujhse kahee.n zyaadaa taaqatvar hai"
And Mohan Kumar comes up with this classic line.
"sabse pehle mujhe us taaqat ko khatm karna hoga. Pehle sone ki Lanka jalegi, uske baad RaavaN maara jaayega"
"सबसे पहले मुझे उस ताक़त को ख़त्म करना होगा. पहले सोने की लंका जलेगी, उसके बाद रावण मारा जाएगा"
After that, nemesis strikes the troika of villains.

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