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Monday, November 17, 2014

partner ab bol hee diyaa hai to dekh lenge

Film : Sholay
Year of release : 1975
Spoken by : Jai (Amitabh Bachchan)
Spoken to : Veeru (Dharmendra)
Dialogue writer : Salim-Javed

I have been meaning to put this on this blog for a long time. But then, the entire screenplay of films like Deewar and Sholay will walk into this blog.

However, this line has often been used by me. I was recently working with a colleague. We both had committed to completing a lot of work, and she voiced her concern about having bitten off more than we could chew. I responded with this classic line, she instantly cracked up laughing. Sometimes these film line references go abegging, when the interlocutor does not understand the reference. But this line did not suffer that fate.

But the triggering cue for finally putting this line up came recently after the fifth match of the India Sri Lanka test series.
India had wrapped up the series 5-0. Sarandeep Singh and Vivek Razdan were commentating along with Narottam Puri on DD National (don't ask me why I was watching that!). Narottam Puri asked Sarandeep as to what India's chances were in Australia. Sarandeep predicted that we would win all the one dayers there. Then he paused and looked at Vivek. Then he said.
"main kuchh zyaadaa to nahii.n bol gayaa"

Lo and behold! Vivek responded with this very line. "तब रोक न पाया मैं आंसू" as Amitabh's father would have said. And then I had to put this up.

This is from the first reel of Sholay. Thakur is a policeman and escorting the two convicts in a train. They get into a discussion about whose job is better. Veeru suggests that both Jai-Veeru and Thakur work for the same thing - money. Thakur refutes that and says, he works to uphold the law, whereas Jai-Veeru break it. Jai interrupts with his trademark style line -

"aur dono.n hee kaamo.n me.n,  bahaaduri kee zaroorat hotii hai"
Veeru backs that up with
"haa.n hotii hai"
achchhaa... tum apne aap ko bahut bahaadur samajhte ho
agar mauqaa mile, to dekh lenaa thaanedaar saahab, ham dono.n pandrah bees par to bhaari paRenge...kyo.n jai, mai.n zyaadaa to nahiin bol gayaa naa
partner ab bol hee diyaa hai to dekh lenge

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