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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Main bhii chanduu nahi hoon

Film : Company
Year of release : 2002
Spoken by : Srinivasan (Mohanlal)
Spoken to : Mallik (Ajay Devgan)
Dialogue writer : Jaideep Sahni

Spoken in true-blue MalayaaLii style by MohanLal in one of his rare Hindi film appearances, this is a classic. Of course, to get the full import of this line, you will have to see the movie. Which one am I referring to? The 2002 movie Company. I thought Company was less dramatic than Satya; it had a certain clinical feel to it. But even so, it had some great lines. I might feature some other lines later on in this blog. But time to now get down to the brasstacks as far as this one is concerned. MohanLal plays a top cop Srinivasan in this film, who is perennially chasing the underworld dons. Towards the fag end of the movie, when Malik (Ajay Devgan)'s right hand man Chandu Nagare (Viveik Oberoi) has surrendered, Srinivasan calls Malik and asks him to surrender too and cut a deal with the police. To this Malik responds with a Salim-Javedesque line
"Srinivasan saahab, main Chandu nahee hoon"
"श्रीनिवासन साहब, मैं चन्दू नहीं हूं"
The literal meaning, of course, is that I am Malik and not Chandu. But what is being beautifully implied in this line is that - 'Dear interlocutor, please do not make the error of considering me to be like that other person, I am made of sterner stuff.'
As this conversation meanders along, it reaches a point where Malik makes a counter offer to Srinivasan. He asks Srinivasan to work for him and earn much more than he is doing at that moment. Srinivasan retorts with the line which is featured in the subject
'मलिक मे बी चन्दू नइ हूं' (sic)
'Malik me bee chandoo nai hoon'
I have written it in slightly erroneous Hindi to create a verisimilitude of the way, MohanLal actually delivers the line. I think that is part of the charm of the line. So if you intend to use this line, use it as it is written above. Of course, it would still mean the same; "Don't underestimate me, I am made of much sterner stuff than you think. "
So go ahead, use this line freely and do let me know what you think of this post and of this blog in general. Till the next post then. Toodle-oo

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