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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ab janaaze ko rukhsat kee ijaazat diijiye

The 1960 magnum opus Mughal-e-azam once more. Often when you work with voice over artistes or drama artistes and you belabor a point about language or pronunciation too much, a standard response is
"abe mughal-e-azam thoDii banaa rahe hain"
That movie has really set standards in terms of dialogues and attention to detail. Anyways, coming back to the line featured here. Anarkali (Madhubala) takes leave of Salim (Dilip Kumar) towards the end of the movie where she knows that she is destined to be executed and separated from the Prince. She says this line
It means that "kindly permit this coffin/dead body to leave". But figuratively you can use it whenever you are leaving the company of someone who has battered you so much (mentally of course; if you are battered physically you would not be thinking dialogues) that you feel like a living corpse. That is when you can use this line
"Ab janaaze ko ruKhsat kee ijaazat diijiye"

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