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Monday, April 28, 2008

Overconfidence nahee.n rehnaa chaahiye

This is one film which really left a deep impression on me during my adolescent years. I almost bunked school to see this movie. I cannot explain to you how big an event that is. Ok, the movie I am referring to is Ramgopal Varma's first Hindi film as a director - Shiva. It also introduced Nagarjuna to the Hindi industry. Amla (who later became Nagarjuna's wife), the female lead in Shiva, was an established actress by that time. But the trigger for this post came when I recently heard of the death of Raghuvaran, who made a debut in this film as the villain - Bhavani. His tall gawkish mannerisms, Tamil accented Hindi and high nervous energy almost reminded me of Norman Bates of Bates' Motel fame, but for the fact that Raghuvaran has a much better voice. I found myself mimicking his style and repeating most of Bhavani's dialogues for quite some time. I also distinctly remember my father not liking it too much. But those were the days of writing competitive exams and failing some and passing some. This line came in handy. The background is that Bhavani (Raghuvaran) is a goonda who works at the behest of local politician Tilakdhari (Paresh Rawal as a villain before his comedy stint began). A rival politician Kanta Prasad (Goga Kapoor) meets Bhavani at a place close to a river to negotiate. Kanta Prasad threatens Bhavani that he would expose his boss. When Bhavani responds with a threat that he would murder him, Kanta Prasad dares him to kill him. He says that if he is killed the entire party cadres would rise in revolt and that would be even more damaging for Tilakdhari. Bhavani moves forward to ostensibly hug Kanta Prasad but stabs him in the stomach and kills him. Then for the benefit of the hoi polloi he says that people would realise he is dead only if the body is found. Then he turns to the camera and says
"Over confidence nahee.n rehnaa chaahiye"
It is pretty much a simple line and can be used whenever you have scored a Roland to someone's Oliver. After doing so, you could tell them
"Overconfidence nahee.n rehnaa chaahiye"
Statutory warning: Please don't attempt the murder along with this line. It could be very very injurious to your health.

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