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Friday, April 18, 2008

GunDoN ko ek laakh aur bhale aadmi ko ek hazaar

Featuring the 1981 movie Chashme Baddoor again. Omi (Rakesh Bedi) is reading a news item which says that a rich businessman's daughter has been kidnapped and the kidnappers have demanded a ransom of 1 lac Rs. The news item further goes on to say that anyone who gives information about the whereabouts of the girl would get a reward of Rs 1000. This prompts Omi to say
"Dhat tere ki, GunDoN ko ek laakh; aur bhale aadmi ko ek hazaar - yeh bhi koii baat hai"
Literally this means - One lakh for the goons and the good man gets just one thousand - how unfair. There is a saying in Hindi
"HaNs chugegaa daanaa dunkaa kauvaa motii khaayegaa"
"हंस चुगेगा दाना दुनका कौवा मोती खायेगा"
This statement also broadly means what Omi has said in his own style. You can use it if a less-deserving person in your office gets paid much more than you. You can use it if a less deserving bowler gets more wicket than a deserving one (Yuvraj Singh getting five and Kumble getting one). So on and so forth. Whenever someone perceived to be less-deserving gets more than someone perceived as deserving, you could say
"GunDoN ko ek laakh aur bhale aadmi ko ek hazaar!"
"ग़ुंडों को एक लाख और भले आदमी को एक हज़ार!"

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