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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yeh kaisaa merii taraf hai

Dulhe Raja is one of the most delightful comedies that I have seen come out of Bollywood. It came out in 1998 when comedy was synonymous with Govinda. The story is about Raja (Govinda) who is a dhaabaa waalah (a roadside eatery) who has encroached land within a 5-star hotel which belongs to KK Singhania (Kader Khan). The film revolves around capers where Singhania tries to oust Raja from his land and how Raja constantly outwits Singhania. Singhania has a manager called Baanke (played by Johnny Lever). In the face-offs between Singhania and Raja, Baanke always sides with Raja. While he is the trusted lieutenant of Singhania, he seems to have a soft corner for Raja and helps him often. Singhania gets flustered with this and in one such instance asks him (with hand movements to support the question)
"tum uskee taraf (finger pointing to Raja) ho yaa merii taraf (finger pointing to himself)"
Baanke replies (with hand movements)
"sethji main to aapki taraf hoon (finger pointing to Raja)"
When he is saying this, Singhania looks at his finger's direction and mimicks him
"Yeh kaisaa merii taraf hai (points his finger towards Raja while doing this)"
ये कैसा मेरी तरफ है
Literally it means, you are saying that you are with me, but you seem to be actually with the other person.
Figuratively, it can be used in every such situation, where someone is claiming to be on your side, but actually behaving in a manner which suggests that he is with your opponent.

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