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Saturday, May 31, 2008

HaTaa saawan kee ghaTaa

The 1995 Rangeela is probably the only 'normal' love story made by Ramgopal Verma. This is now a classic line and often used (especially by those in Mumbai). I do not know whether it was first written by Neeraj Vora (the writer of the film) or it existed in the street language of Mumbai prior to that. I suspect it existed before. It found fame and glory thanks to Aamir Khan (who incidentally was the initial Munnabhai). This sequence comes in the beginning of the movie when the character of Munna as the street smart struggler with dignity is being etched. Milee (Urmilaa Matondkar) who is a dancer in Saroj Khan's troupe and Munna's childhood friend, is coming back from a cancelled shooting. Munna sees her and invites her for a cuppa. She tells him that her shooting was cancelled because of a flimsy reason. Munna tells her that she should give up her work as it would not take her anywhere. Milee retorts,
पूरा दिन इधर उधर मस्ती करते घूमता रहता है. किसी अच्छी कम्पनी मे छोटी मोटी नौकरी कर ले
pooraa din idhar udhar masti karte ghoomtaa rehtaa hai. Kissi achchhee company me choti moti
naukree kar le.
And our hero responds with the featured line
अरे हटा सावन की घटा. किसी सेठ की गाडी मे बिस्किट खाने वाला कुत्ता बनने से अच्छा है, कि अपुन सडक पे मस्ती करेगा. अपनी मर्जी का मालिक, अपना राजा. क्या बोलता है पक्या (सही है बाप) ए मिली कहा चली.
Are hata saawan kee ghataa. Kisee seth kee gaadee me biskit khaane vaalaa kuttaa banne se achchhaa hai, ki apun sadak pe masti karegaa. Apnee marjee kaa maalik, apnaa raja. Kyaa boltaa hai pakyaa. (Sahee hai baap). Aye milee kahaan chalee
This is followed by the song. Yaaron sun lo zaraa. Incidentally this was AR Rahman's first original Hindi score. Till that time, his Tamil scores were being translated into Hindi. That resulted in 'wonderful' songs like 'paTTee rap' in Humse hai muqaablaa.
So if you want to peremptorily and summarily dismiss a suggestion or an idea, use this line. It is very powerful
हटा सावन की घटा
This incidentally marks Aamir Khan's debut on this blog.

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