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Friday, May 30, 2008

Savere aankh kuchh der se khuli

I sometimes fear that Salim-Javed might chance upon this blog and ask me for royalty. I might have to close down the blog then. But till then I shall plod on. This is from Kaala Patthar. Dhanraj Puri (Prem Chopra) is the owner of the coal mine. His engineer Ravi Malhotra (Shashi Kapoor) is getting too big for his boots. He feels that the ‘shakti kaa santulan’ or the balance of power is best served if Vijay Pal Singh (Amitabh Bachchan) is pitted against Ravi. Hence he calls Vijay over for a chat and begins sweet talking him. Amitabh responds in his characteristic laconic style with this dialogue

आज बहुत गडबड हो गई सेठ साहब. सवेरे आंख कुछ देर से खुली. देख नही सका कि सूरज किस तरफ़ से निकला था.

Of course in this Salim Javed script, unlike as in Deewar, the Vijay and the Ravi are not at loggerheads. Probably there not being siblings helps. So Vijay decides not to go along with the Machiavellian Puri.

However, whenever someone is being incredibly nice to you. Or you want to be sarcastically incredulous about something. This is a good line to use

सवेरे आंख कुछ देर से खुली
Of course the follow up question would be,

“What does that mean?”

So continue borrowing from Salim-Javed and say

देख नही सका कि सूरज किस तरफ़ से निकला था
Dekh nahee sakaa ki sooraj kis taraf se nikalaa thaa

Incidentally I have got some feedback from some readers who said that since they are unable to read and/or understand Hindi, they are unable to understand the full post. I am very tempted to add a translation of the line as well, but I am not really able to make up my mind. This blog is meant for those who understand and read both languages. The basic communication is in English, but the specific dialogue is given in Hindi (with Roman transliteration). Do write in and let me know what you think about this.


  1. I'm a brand-new visitor to your blog, but as a new student of Hindi, the transliterations and translations are great for practice!

  2. Well one will understand the blog only when they understand the Hindi language...you cannot do a translation, as the fun or the punch would be lost...so I suggest you dont start the translation...