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Saturday, June 21, 2008

goyaa wo alag baandh ke rakhaa hai jo maal achchhaa hai

This film incidentally won Akhtar-Ul-Iman, the Filmfare award for best dialogue in the year 1966. I don’t have a very high opinion of Filmfare awards in India, given the fact that Shankar Jaikishen were able to win the best music director award for Pehchaan and Beimaan. Listen to the music of these two films and other nominees of those years and you would realize what I mean. I mean to leapfrog over Pakeezah, Shor, Talaash and Do Raaste is unbelievable. I mean for Jai bolo Beimaan kee to win over Chalte chalte and Mausam hai aashiqaanaa. Ridiculous. Anyways, in the case of Waqt – I think that justice was done. One of the earliest lost and found multi starrer dramas in Hindi films. Two brothers – Raja (Raaj Kumar) and Ravi (Sunil Dutt) (no the third brother was not called Varma) – separated due to an earthquake, grow up to be a thief and lawyer respectively. Both desire the same girl – Meena (Sadhna). Meena has gone to the airport to receive Ravi who is coming from Delhi. Raja meanwhile goes to Meena's house and finds that she has gone to the aiport. So he too lands up at the airport with a bouquet of flowers - or as he calls it 'is mausam ke pehle phool'. Then he asks her who has she come to receive. He puts in his inimitable Raaj Kumar style

Aap lene aayee hain to koee Khaas hee aadmee aa rahaa hogaa

And as he goes on further pressing his suit with his dialogues, Ravi lands up. He takes the bouquet from Meena assuming that she had brought it for him. The moment he sees Raja in the backdrop, he seeks to be introduced. Meena says

yeh Mr Raja haiN

Ravi responds with a silly but lovable

to mujhe apnee prajaa samajhiye.

As Meena leaves to collect Ravi's luggage. Ravi says to Raja

BaDee khushee huyee aap se milkar

Raja responds with an acerbic

Khushee to hogee par abhee mulaaqaat huyee kahaaN
अभी मुलाक़ात हुयी कहां
Ravi rejoinds with a very interesting line

goyaa wo alag baandh ke rakhaa hai jo maal achchhaa hai
गोया वो अलग बान्ध के रखा है जो माल अच्छा है
I liked the line more for the way it was said and fineness of the language – नफ़ासत as they call it.

A great line to use at vegetable stores. I wonder why they always hide the good 'bhinDees' under the counter. Give them only to the beautiful girls who they have a secret crush on. Of course you can use this line elsewhere too.

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