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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mere taash ke tirpanve patte

Shatrughan Sinha made his own that blustery style of threatening people with insults which were his own. Words like chapaDganjoo, chirkuT et al sound so natural from his mouth, it is very hard to believe that the words existed in Hindi language before he spoke them. In Kaala Patthar, he is ‘in the zone’ as one would say. He plays the role of Mangal Singh – who is a convict on the run. In order to escape from the police he goes and takes refuge in a coal mine. Gambling is a favourite pastime of workers there. One day while playing with Mohan (Macmohan), he has a hand containing two kings and a two. Mohan has two Jacks and a four. When Mohan has disclosed his cards, Mangal says he has won because he has three kings. After he picks up the money, he shows his cards. Mohan asks where is the third ‘baadshaah’ (king). Mangal gets up in his characteristic style and says
Mere taash ke tirpanve patte, teesre baadshah ham haiN…dikhaaee naheeN detaa, teesre baadshah ham haiN.
Taash ke tirpanve patte is a clever and veiled reference to a joker. The fifty third card in a pack is the joker. Since I am not into cards, it took me some time to realise the import of what was being said. A regular card player might not read much into this line. But to me it sounds great

मेरे ताश के तिरपनवे पत्ते

And incidentally this is Shatrughan Sinha's debut on this blog. I would have wanted to start with 'aaye to usse keh denaa chhainoo aayaa thaa', but that shall follow.

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