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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kisko diyaa hai jo too reh gayaa hai

Ramgopal Verma’s films are famous for their clever lines. His best films are Shiva, Rangeela. Satya, Company, and Sarkar. If you notice, apart from Rangeela, all the others are in the underworld/gangster genre. Smart lines are so much easier in that genre. But since Aamir Khan plays Munnabhai, a petty blackmarketer of cinema tickets in Rangeela, there are a plethora of smart lines in Rangeela too.

After a shift at the local theatre selling tickets in black, Munna and Pakya (Rajesh Joshi) stop by at a small street restaurant to have a cuppa. But the waiter there (Sanjay Goradia) knows them quite well and says

Udhar paDhaa nahee kyaa?...aaj rokRaa kal udhaar.
उधर पढा नहीं क्या? आज रोकड़ा कल उधार
Munna responds in typical Mumbai tapori style

Ae khajoor…rokRaa hotaa to apun 5 star me jaake ‘cutting’ nahee peeetaa kyaa? Chal jaldee kar…teraa account kal settle karegaa…
ए खजूर ...रोकड़ा होता तो अपुन 5 स्टार मे जाके ‘कटिंग’ नहीं पीता क्या? चल जल्दी कर ...तेरा अकाउंट कल सॅट्टल करेगा...
The waiter reconfirms

And then Munna comes up with this classic line

Pakkaa, pakkaa. Kisko diyaa hai jo too reh gayaa hai…
पक्का पक्का. किसको दिया है जो तू रह गया है...
Initially the waiter (and the audience too) take that as a simple confirmation. And after a few seconds it dawns upon the waiter (and upon the audience too) that they had been had. Essentially Munna is saying that he doesn’t intend paying.

A great line to use while buying time for delinquent loans (from friends), which are being called in. It would not be a good line to try with professional recovery agents.

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