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Friday, July 18, 2008

Jawaanii aur sharaafat meN kashmakash ho rahee hai

Film : Tawaif
Year of release : 1985
Spoken by : Sultaanaa (Rati Agnihotri)
Spoken to : Daud Khan Yusufzai (Rishi Kapoor)

The featured line is from another BR Chopra film which came two decades later than the earlier featured line. Sultaanaa has been forcibly left in Daud's house by the local don (Kader Khan). Since he cannot get her out of his house, he is forced to tell neighbours that she is his wife. Sultaanaa is a 'tawaif' (a nautch girl) and is not used to men being polite to her. She finds the situation amusing and starts flirting with Daud. Daud tries to put up a curtain in the middle of the room - so that he can make a temporary 2 bedroom apartment. He sleeps in one portion on the floor - while Sultaanaa sleeps in the other portion on the bed. A flirtatious Sultaanaa, creeps through the curtain, and sees that Daud has not slept yet. She asks him why he is unable to sleep. Daud tries to ignore the question, but Sultaanaa persists with a provocative follow up question

jawaanii au sharaafat meN kashmakash ho rahee hai
जवानी और शराफ़त में कशमकश हो रही है

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