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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yeh bachchoN ke khelne kee cheez naheeN

Film : Waqt
Year of release : 1965
Spoken by : Raja (Raj Kumar)
Spoken to : Balbir (Madan Puri)

This is a very simple line and it means that ‘this is not child’s play’. But it is part of Raj Kumar’s repertoire and hence has a special flavour.

Raja is one of the three brothers in this lost and found story. He grows up under the tutelage of Chenoy Seth (Rehman) as a thief. As he finds himself falling in love with Meena (Sadhna) his desire to mend his ways increases. This results in friction with Chenoy Seth. In one such meeting, Chenoy’s minion Balbir senses the tension between Raja and Chenoy, and whips out his knife. Just as Chenoy chastises Balbir for this puerile act, Raja walks upto him and dispossesses him of his knife. He heaps scorn on him and says

ये बच्चों के खेलने की चीज़ नहीं ...हाथ कट जाये तो ख़ून निकल आता है

So if you are ever way laid by muggers who happen to whip out knives, walk up coolly to them, dispossess them of their knives and say

“Yeh bachchoN ke khelne kee cheez naheeN”

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