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Monday, July 14, 2008

kab…kaun…kaise uThegaa…koee naheeN bataa saktaa

Film : Anand
Year of release : 1971
Spoken by : Anand Sehgal (Rajesh Khanna)
Spoken to : Dr Bhaskar Bannerjee (Amitabh Bachchan)

Anand is another classic which has some great lines. But this line is very interesting. Actually the line is spoken by Isaabhai Suratwala (Johnny Walker) to Akbar in a play based on Anarkali. Anand likes the lines so much that when he is invited by Bhaskar to record his voice, he recites these lines

zindagi aur maut ooparwaale ke haath hai jahaanpanaah, use na aap badal sakte hain aur na maiN. Hum sab rang manch kee kathputliyaaN haiN, jinkee dor ooparwaale kee ungliyoN me bandhee hai, kab…kaun…kaise uThegaa…koee nahee bataa saktaa…hahaha
ज़िन्दगी और मौत ऊपरवाले के हाथ है जहांपनाह, उसे ना आप बदल सकते हैं और ना मैं. हम सब रंग मंच की कठपुतलियां हैं, जिनकी डोर ऊपरवाले की उंगलियों मे बन्धी है, कब कौन कैसे उठेगा...कोई नही बता सकता...हा हा हा

This is a very pithy dialogue. Most Indians above the age of 25 years would have heard it many times before. I struggled to pick the line to feature as the title. All lines could be used – but the reason I used this one is because someone recently used it in a very interesting manner.

I was speaking to a colleague about another ex-colleague who was not considered to be very capable by all who knew him. But news had just come in that he had moved to a very senior position in an organization. As my colleague shared this piece of news with me, my visage registered great surprise.

Oh really, said I

And my colleague responded with this classic. He said

कब… कौन… कैसे उठेगा...कोई नही बता सकता

A very funny usage of this line indeed. I thought, why not put this line up as it is. It is great if a line has layers – each reader sees it in his own unique way. So that is exactly what I am going to do. Put this line up on the blog. Use it as you please.

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