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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Koee bhee faislaa chunaav se honaa chaahiye dabaav se naheeN

Film: Sarkaar
Year of release : 2005
Spoken by : Rashid (Zakir Hussain)
Spoken to : An associate

Rashid is hatching a plan to kill Subhash Nagare (Amitabh Bachchan), along with Virendra Swami (Jeeva) and Vishram Bhagat (Raju Mavani). One of their associates is appalled at the idea and says so. He says he will have nothing to do with such a crazy plan. He starts walking out of the room. As he walks out, he catches the steely look in Rashid's eyes. He suddenly realises that he is about to be killed. He pleads with Rashid that he will keep his mouth shut and they could trust him completely. But he (and the audience), realise that his murder is almost fait accompli. Rashid walks up to him and plunges a dagger into his intestines. As he turns around the dagger, he very pithily adds,

"कोई भी फ़ैसला चुनाव से होना चाहिये दबाव से नहीं"

"koee bhee faislaa chunaav se honaa chaahiye dabaav se naheeN"

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