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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daro mat, maiN aadmee naheeN hooN

Film: Madhumati
Year of release: 1959
Spoken by : Charandas (Johnny Walker)
Spoken to : Anand (Dilip Kumar)

This is a 3 hour long movie, but gripping all through the way. Almost 50 years old, but still so fresh. Great songs, great performances and a great film. Am reminded of the couplet by Dr Harivanshrai Bachchan
"अर्धशती की होकर के भी षोड्ष वर्षी मधुशाला". Just need to change "Madhushala" into "Madhumati".
This scene happens immediately after the "Suhana safar" song (what a song!). Anand Babu is finding his way to his destination. He is suddenly accosted by a probably sozzled Charandas - who is hanging upside down from a tree. By way of introduction, Charandas tells Anand
"डरो मत, मैं आदमी नही हूं"
"Daro mat, maiN aadmee naheeN hooN"
As I write this, I realise that the Naina Devi stampede killed more people than the serial bomb blasts in two cities. The difference being the guys behind the bomb blasts were terrorists and the guys behind the stampede were ordinary 'god-fearing' 'human' beings. But yet such an appalling tragedy took place.
What a great line! Hats off to your Mr Rajinder Singh Bedi!

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